Dr Esther de Leeuw

Lab Director (on leave)

Multilingualism, bilingualism, L1 attrition, L2 acquisition, phonetics, phonology

Dr Adam Chong

Lab Director (2021-2022)

Phonological acquisition and processing, prosody and intonational phonology, speech perception

Benjamin Timm

Technical Laboratory Manager

Dr Kathleen McCarthy

Early phonological acquisition, first and second language acquisition, speech perception and production, bilingualism, acoustic-phonetics

Dr Sophie Holmes-Elliott

Sociolinguistics, sociophonetics, language change, language acquisition.

Dr Vita Kogan

L2 phonetics and phonology, individual differences, L2 acquisition, cognitive science

Prof Devyani Sharma

Sociolinguistics, bilingualism, English dialects, language change, accent variation


Matthew Hunt

PhD Student

Scott Kunkel

PhD Student

Speech perception, phonetic variation, bidialectalism, language attitudes, dialects of French

Scott Lewis

PhD Student

ultrasound, phonetic drift, bidialectalism, longitudinal studies, AAA software, R, Praat

Miriam Tenderini

PhD Student

Emotion, bilingualism, music psychology, EEG (event-related potentials)


Prof Phaedra Royle

Linguistics, psycholinguistics, language acquisition, dysphasia, neurolinguistics

Prof Karsten Steinhauer

Psycholinguistics, cognitive neuroscience, event-related brain potentials (ERPs), speech and music processing

Dr Linnaea Stockall

Morpho-syntax, morpho-semantics

Dr Tiina Eilola

bilingualism, music cognition, psycholinguistics, emotional representation in bilinguals

Dr Enkeleida Kapia

Albanian, syntax, prosody, speech perception, speech production, language acquisition

Dr Lazaridou-Chatzigoga

Formal and experimental semantics and pragmatics, psycholinguistics, first and second language acquisition

Dr Marcus Pearce

music cognition, statistical learning, prediction, empirical aesthetics

Dr Erez Levon

Sociolinguistics, gender & sexuality, language style, indexicality, social cognition, intersectionality, Israel, South Africa

Dr Zoe Adams

perception, attitudes, accent stereotyping, and persuasive communication, PsychoPy, R

Dr Qian Luo

Phonetics, phonology, tones


Dr Sarah Knight

Cognitive contributions to speech-in-noise perception; vocal trait judgements; speech rhythm

Celia Gorba Masip

PhD Student

Spanish, L1 attrition, speech perception, speech production, bilingualism

Dr Danielle Turton

Ultrasound tongue imaging, phonetics, phonology, variationist sociolinguistics and quantitative methods

Dr Eri Iwagami


Vittoria Moresco

MA Student

Executive control, speech, cognition, bilingualism, phonetics

Aurela Tusha

MA Student

Albanian, L1 attrition, phonology, phonetics

Dr Elisa Passoni

Associate Lecturer, University of York

Japanese-English bilingualism, L1 attrition, L2 acquisition, pitch, prosody, sociophonetics, gender

Dr Nathan Young

Lecturer, Stockholm Uni. / Post-doc. Fellow, Uni. of Oslo

Forced alignment, multiethnolect, prosody, sociophonetics, Swedish

Dr Karen Beaman

Post-doc. Fellow, U. Tübingen

Sociolinguistic variation and language change, sociophonetic and morphosyntactic focus, lectal coherence, German dialectology (Swabian)

Dr Rosie Oxbury

Data Scientist, Public Health England

Sociophonetics, language variation and change, speech production, bilingualism, dialect acquisition, vowels & diphthongs