Undergraduate (BA) phonetics/phonology modules:
LIN4212: Phonetics I: The Sounds of English (offered yearly)
LIN4203: Phonology I: Introduction to Sound Systems (offered yearly)
LIN5200: Phonetics II: Acoustic Analysis of Speech (mostly offered yearly)
LIN5214:  Phonology II: Explaining Phonological structures (mostly offered yearly)
LIN505: Describing prosody (offered occasionally)

Postgraduate (MA) modules:
LIN7010: Sociophonetics (offered occasionally)

Other postgraduate MA modules:
Academic staff affiliated with the Phonetics Lab also regularly supervise MA practicums and directed research:
LIN7203: Directed Research in Linguistics
LIN7014: Research Practicum

In addition to these modules, academic staff in the Phonetics Lab also teach a range of other modules in formal, socio- and experimental linguistics. See the department’s homepage for a full list of modules.

Teaching Resources:
2019 Summer UG Experimental/Quantitative Skills Workshop:

Day 1: Advanced Experimental Design (with OpenSesame)
Day 2: Advanced Quantitative Analysis (with R)
Materials: [Download zip file]